Swiss 7.5mm Gew Pat 90

Swiss 7.5mm Gew Pat 90 bullets have a steel cap over the lead core however this particular example does not and the exposed round nose is simply lead. Is this a manufacturing defect or is it intentional. The paper patch is such a snug fit I do not think its a case of the cap having fallen off - I do not think there ever was a cap fitted to this round.

Hi Jim,
my understanding of these is that they were for target/match/ competition use.


Ah…that makes sense Tony, thanks for that. My only reservation is that I can’t find any mention of this uncapped bullet anywhere. I’ve found a couple of Swiss ammunition websites which I would have thought would have shown this load but they do not. Strange!

Jim: I had one of these for decades before I found the same mention as Tony’s that they were target loads. I too marveled that no one really described this one. Jack

We should have looked here…