Swiss 7.5x55 plastic blank

Good afternoon gents, just turned up a couple of interesting Swiss items,7.65mm Furrer, 7.65 Eleonora sub cal and this unusual blank which has me stumped, guessing it may fit into something larger…any ideas and if so what is the Swiss designation for it?


Its the normal swiss blank, but missing its green plastic outer enveloppe…

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OMG!, Yes I can see that now…doh!

Many thanks Forensic

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Thanks gyrojet,
that’s a lot of enginnering just to make a bang :laughing:

I think the green sleeve is for 2 reasons:

  1. It reduces the actual case Volume to increase the Pressure
    for a given load of powder; and to ensure complete combustion.

  2. It distinguishes this Projector or Launcher load from any other type of ammo.

Typical Swiss Thoroughness!!!

Doc AV

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The info I have,is that the green plastic coverd case is a 7.5+55mm case
Blank Mod.1958 for the 7.5mm Schmidt Rubin rifle,The pics will show
3 others one a brass case green wood bullet(uncommon)with the stamp
T T 6 35.The green plastic case has the stamp T T 5 57 the 2 stell cases
are war production wth the stamp SDA 8A 44 the second one is 7 A A 43
both have a black annulus

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Interesting. Thanks sherryl.

Thanks sherryl,
I also have the same type of blanks, plus a few more, in my collection.
I’m afraid it was a case of “how weird is that” when I first saw it and unfortunately that 'stuck with me, if I had have had my half sensible head on at the time the penny would have dropped fairly quickly…just one of those things I suppose and I still feel fairly stupid about it :roll_eyes:

I enjoyed your reply please Tonyl do not ever feel stupid about anything
you did what you thought you should do and that is proper I have come
along time ago to the conviction that they create a professor ship in
ammunition the knowledge that is needed at times is enough to blow you away.The 79/D in itself is a question mark??? asuming that is a year date
does anybody still think that the Swiss produced still any kind of ammo or
related devices for that MOD 1911Swiss Rubin however I would not mind
finding out what it really is

thank you for that, yes we do learn quicker from mistakes, from this one I have learnt not to jump to first conclusions and have a ‘blinkered’ view on that conclusion and miss the obvious and thanks to gyrojet I now know that there is a late and early version of the inernals of the Mod 58 blank.
The 79 should be the year date, it’s in the normal headstamp position for the year.
I really do like collecting Swiss ammo, where I am located there often isn’t very much of it to be found, information on it is sparse and there seems to be several unanswered questions about it.

Yes, 79 is the year of manufacture. This green plastic blank (Manipulierpatrone 58) was for the Swiss assault rifle 57, which began to be replaced by the 5.6 mm assault rifle 90 in the 1990s. The D indicates the brass supplier (Dornach).

correction: the Swiss term is Markierpatrone 58

Jochem, isn’t the term “Manipulierpatrone” in Switzerland used only for dummy ammunition?
To what I saw in manuals blank cartridges were designated “blinde Patrone” (old term) or “Knallpatrone” and nowadays “Markierpatrone”.

Here an excerpt from a 1968 rifle manual:

And here a box:

Image source: internet

Thank you Peelen right on the money as always

Yes we learn from our F…ups in live and I done a few bad ones
but as you know by now this Forum is here to learn from each
other.However speaking of Swiss Ammo yes my experience is
that this country in particular can be very problematic I like those
too I have about a handfull but adding new to that is not that easy
even on this site of the pond and the present situation trows a
monky rench into just about everything.there is but than Europe
as a whole is not very conducive to our beloved interest stay well

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Alex, you are of course right. Thank you for the correction.

I notice that the title of my original post has been changed by admin, while I do understand it keeps things ‘neat and tidy’ I also think that, if at a later date, that someone else falls into the same trap with these as I did and they try to search the IAA for information on it I don’t think they would bother looking at a post titled ‘Swiss 7.5x55 plastic blank’ to find the information they are trying to find?


It was changed from member EOD…and I agree with Tony.L…it should stay with the original title, and the identification ADDED…like
Swiss 7.5x55 mm blank/igniter/propulsion cartridge? identified as Stripped metal body of swiss plastik blank
Than it would be found in booth ways…

In my view a longer undefined title for an exactly identified item does not add anything but confusion or will spark desinterest.
I tried to contribute to a clear definition of the thread so people looking for something or those avoiding it because they do not care for Swiss plastic blanks will get something to go by.
As you know you can change it back to something less clear, more general or fancier sounding - and it still will be about a Swiss platic blank…

But if the person searching do not knew, it is a plastic blank, he is not searching for that title…
I at least would not like other people is changing my entrys… so would better not publish at all.
And that will not help anybody…
Usually in all foren in the Internet only moderators named as such can change titles