Swiss 7.5x55 plastic blank

Alex your 60 rnds label is for the machinegun blank, a brass only ctg with extended neck.
Early plastic blks were in a white 6 rnds clip, later in 5 rnds packages, like the ones in the upper left corner code 594-7020

30 rnds boxes are with green wood bullet for LMG

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Thanks Forensic,
that was my point exactly, I actually did try and use the sites search system and even searched for just Swiss but ignored titles such as plastic blanks ect before I started a post…I do find it disturbing that another member can edit someone elses posts, it should only be admin that can do this…in my view

re the editing of post titles

two more cents: If a poster is a newbie asking about something like a what is this & it is answered the moderator should change it to make it easy to find, because odds are the original poster is going to not really be bothered.

In this case where TonyL is a frequent poster he should be involved in any title change by being made aware of the need for it and the why of it.

If the poster does not change it in a timely manor then the moderator should change it.

Jean-Francois, I know it is not the cartridge, my intention was about showing the Swiss terminology of “Markierpatrone”.

I am also not new here as some may remember and my titles were changed many times. I did not complain.

Again, where is the point of a thread name that is not related to the item but to the perception fo the person posting?
Nobody will search for a “Swiss propelling cartridge” that does not exist.
And just repeating it; the title can be changed back or forth any time.
Why are we having this discussion?

Firstly I wasn’t complaining, the point I was trying to make was that if someone else in the future made the same stupid mistake that I did with this blank and tried to search for information on it the ‘new’ title would have no bearing on what they were trying to find, the original title was defined and related to my original post…In cases like this I think Forensic has the right idea, use the original title with the id added, that way the title covers all aspects of the thread and not just the end result.
Sorry if I have caused trouble with this, I’ll try not to make stupid mistakes again.