Swiss 7.5x55mm snap caps

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This is a Swiss 7.5x55mm snap caps, spring loaded dummies,

I have no idea who made them or for what purpose.

I want to know which is the right name.




It would have three names, one each in German, French and Italian. I think in German they used the actual term used also in Germany, Exerzierpatrone. I will leave that to someone from Switzerland or Europe to answer completely. The Austrians call a dummy round “Unterrichts Patrone,” which literally, I believe, translates to Educational Cartridge in English. (No guarantee on the spelling of that, by the way).

I actually chimed in to say that this early form of dummy round with the spring-loaded “primer” was also made in 7.65 mm Parabellum. Not sure of the date-spread in these, but they are usually found with pre-WWI (1914) headstamps. Doesn’t mean they were made then.

I am not sure if they were actually made to be snap caps (that is, specifically for use in keeping the firing pin from crystallizing and breaking during trigger pull practice), or just made that way to save wear and tear on the firing pins if someone did “drop the hammer” on one, but were actually just a training round for safely teaching loading and unloading of weapons, which is the normal use for dummy rounds. It is kind of like the old saying that “all cows are cattle, but not all cattle are cows.”

John Moss

This case was made in august 1913 at Thun, Switzerland of course. Metal supplier is Dornach. And as far as I know, the Swiss call it Manipulierpatrone.

Here is a sectioned one.


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O.K. I found a nice color xerox of a 9 mm Para Dummy round 16 cartridge box label in my files:

German Language - Pistolen - Manipulierpatrone (9 mm Pist. Manip. Pat.)
French Language - cartouche de manipulation pour pistolet (Cart. manip. 9 mm pist.)
Italian Language - cartuccia di manipolazione per pistola (Cart. manip. 9 mm pist.)

I have shown the full name followed by the abbreviation, which for some reason is precisely how it appears on the box label. As to grammar, I have typed it above exactly how it appears on the label, that is, as to upper or lower-case letters.

While I was correct about it having three official names (I would suppose in the case at hand, substitute 7.5 mm for 9 mm as I have shown it). Duqjans is also correct in a sense in that all of them would translate into English the same - Manipulation cartridge - if a direct word-for-word translation was used.

I can picture the label here if documentation is needed.

John Moss

Wel, yes…French and Italian too, of course. I’m sorry for giving only the German name. It came out in a rush and good god, first, I set Durlach as metal supplier… But is there also a fourth name as there is also the Reto Roman language?

Let us not forget that British and Americans are separated by their common language.
The same applies to German speaking Swiss, Austrians and Germans, in particular regarding military terminology.
The Swiss Manipulierpatrone, by a rare coincidence, would be called Exerzierpatrone in Germany as well as in (modern) Austria. But in old Austria, an Exerzierpatrone was a blank. Similar differences exist in all areas.

Peelen - its funny that you said that about Americans and Brits. I just said that to my dear, dear friends from South Australia (he is on this Forum once in awhile), kidding them about their terminology and pronunciation of some words. Of course they were giving it right back to me. Wonderful folks!!! I have had the pleasure of their visits to my house many times, and they just left Friday. I already miss them.

You are right about languages. I was glad for the information that the Austrians now use the German “Exerzierpatrone,” rather than “Unterrichspatrone” (still not sure if I am spelling that correctly) which I did not know they had given up on.

Best thing about cartridge collecting that if you wish and are thinking of it, you learn plenty in your study of them about other facets of history, customs, language, etc.


Paul, very nice indeed.
Thank you very much to all

Here is an overview of swiss 7,5mm GP90 and GP11 dummies (Manipulierpatronen).


rigby, great, is what I was looking for, thank you very much