Swiss 83mm HEAT - avalanche control



I recently acquired a small expended rocket from Switzerland and would like to know more about it.

It is approx. 360mm in length and the fin diameter is 80mm.

the only writing on the side states "protect from sun’ in german,french and italian
Codes underneath say 103-85T and P5871 Ws

I’m curious if it is some kind of avalanche control rocket ?

Here is a picture -

All comments appreciated


This is a fired Swiss 83mm HEAT (shaped charge) Rocket for their model of the bazooka (called “Raketenrohr 58/80”). They were phased out years ago and are now used for avalanche control as you said already.
You just have a rocket motor without warhead (which is blown off).
Check this site: … abwehr.pdf
There page 5 and the image on the bottom.


Many thanks for the prompt reply and link :)


You are welcome.