Swiss 9 mm Revolver Blanks

A box of Swiss 9 mm revolver blanks (9x17R) designated “9 mm Revolver-Knallpatrone 05”. The label indicates manufacture by Saltech in 2007, but the case looks like a product of Pobjeda in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Excellent find Fede! Thanks!

Fede, I got contradictory info from Switzerland on the actual use of these.

Do you know what these were for?

maybe for “dog training”

or simulate situation with “armed guy” with a revolver

many of the blanks similar to those are used in track starter pistols so they can not chamber a real live round.

No, I don’t know the exact purpose of these blanks.

Ok, I got half Switzerland going now. I think the guys soon will come up with an answer.