Swiss Aluminium cased SAA, 1945

Whilst I was digging I found these pages from a 1945 British report on aluminium cased SAA, based on a sample of cases received from Switzerland.

I thought about adding this to the “Aluminium Casing” thread but mindful that it might not show up when using “search” I thought to make it a new line of information. I hope it’s of some interest.



Great documents Peter, thanks!

Is there more info on the 20mm and in particular the 30mm?

Only these, the brief technical section;

At the time I copied this I was looking for information on British 9x19 production to send to Lew, so the inclusion of the larger calibres is almost accidental.


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Peter, I love these “accidents” - keep having them! Thanks a lot!

Peter, great documents, thanks for sharing.