Swiss Aluminium Dummies

Does anyone know the designation of the Swiss factory that made aluminium dummies in small arms calibers up to .50 and also medium calibers like 20x110 H-S and 20x128?

Hi Fede,
One Swiss manufacturer on both nickel plated brass and aluminum dummies that I have dealt with is:
Le Locle, Switzerland
I do not have any of the aluminum dummies only the plated brass examples and the quality of those is excellent. If you check the company web site I believe it will provide a lot of information.
Open site and go to “Production” and choose "DIXI Cylindre Products. There are French, English and German versions … omponents/

Frank and Alex, thanks a lot for the information on recent Dixi dummies. I was actually looking for the manufacturer of “old” Swiss aluminium dummies, but now I wonder if these were made by the same company. I know they have been manufacturing aluminium artillery fuses since the late 1940’s but I don’t have any documentation that mentions an earlier production of dummy cartridges. Regards, Fede.