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Tassenmunition Swiss

As we all know most Swiss soldiers have their personal small arms at home.
To be prepared for a sudden attack there goes a sealed “emergency-ration” with that gun in the same closet.
The picture shows most of these special ammunition packings.

In the old days of the rifles and carbines they used a flat cigar-box like tin sealed with tape that holds 4 chargers of GP90 or GP11.
The Stgw57 got that tube-like sealed tin to be opened with a special key still containing 24 rounds. (a Stgw57 has a 24-rnd mag that is 4 of those old chargers…)
The Stgw 90 and the later pistols got a 50 round tin as shown at the right.
The older pistols and revolvers got their regular ammunition packages but sealed and labeled in a special way.

Now don’t think that anybody was free to use that ammo, it had to be stored in a safe place and brought in every time there was a military inspection. The ammunition got replaced when it got too old or whenever the packing was damaged.

The label on these packings tells the soldier in 4 languages to open the packing in case of a sudden attack or mobilization and to load his gun with this ammunition before he leaves for the nearest transit-camp.