Swiss blue-anodized aluminum, ( anodized Steel Case)


sherryl, yours is the normal tinned brass case , and has nothing to do, with the Initial question by Timeout about the blue/green anodized case with the stepped shoulder…


PS: your cartridgecase was made from used brass material, therefore the B in headstamp. Stands for “Beschossenes Material” from remelted recuperated fired brass.


New unprimed empty blue and green steel cases with TC 10 A 57 headstamp weigh 11.72 g (180.86 gr) and 11.76 g (181.48 gr), respectively. Both have a Berdan primer pocket with two vents.

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I suggest to change the title entry from Aluminium to blue anodized STEEL-Case for better searching results and avoiding misinterpretations, as there is no complete blue or green Aluminium-case…


Thank you for your note I realize what you wrote I only posted that cartridge for interest sake
however your info regarding the B was of great interest and will remember it thank you


Peter - Whatever do you mean? I spelled “treib” correctly. Just look at my entry. (Well, maybe I am fibbing a little, thanks to “edit.” :-)

Seriously, thanks for catching that. I truly hate misspelling foreign words, and try hard to be accurate. I welcome the correction, my friend.

John Moss


Thanks for the correction Peter, I’ve corrected (again) my post.


Hi guys… I am away and will read all the posts when I get back home tomorrow. I will put a magnet to the case to see if it’s magnetic. I will let you know. I only wanted to know what sort of cartridge it is, but it seems to have sparked a great debate…Thanks Paul


Does anyone know what the coatings are on the steel cases? The silver/gray looks like electroplated zinc to me. What about the colored (blue & green) coatings? I’m assuming the colors are either some process done to the base coating to change it chemically (such as “anodizing”) or another completely different coating (some sort of polymer wash?).


Thanks Peter - I had a feeling I wasn’t choosing my words right. I don’t collect these and to make such categorical statements is dangerous. I’ve edited my post.



Ok Gents, changed the heading…! put a magnet to it and it is magnetic… So the question is still, what was it used for… thanks paul.