Swiss charger for M89,m93,m96, Kadett, 7.5 x 55

This magazine was also in the box of ‘treasures’ the cartridges appear to be 7.5x55 Swiss they fit perfectly. the covering seems to be a paper. Thought at first it was leather but I believe to be paper. The exposed metal is tinned cartridge head stamp ; 12 o’clock -7, 3 o’clock-S, 6 o’clock-24, 9 o’clock-D. magnetic full metal projectile, black primer annulus, a wax sealant on the case mouth.

7.5 x 55mm GP 90-23 Swiss?

In Swiss 7.5mm rifle charger

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Confirmed, made to supply a suitable cartridge for pre- 1911 rifles ( M89, M93, M96, and Kadett models).
Doc AV

7.5x55 Swiss it is. Thank you all!

Careful Dave you might turn into a general collector

All of this stuff came to me from a friends estate. He lived on a large piece of property not far from me and to get to his house you had nearly a 1 mile driveway to the house from the main road. This drive crossed a train track that for many years had a crossing gate on both sides of the track that was activated by a sensor under the drive on either side. the RR got tired of the gate maintenance and locked the gates in the up position. They were this way for many years. As you approach the crossing from either direction you can see nearly 1/2 mile to the right or left. Tim left his house to go to the grocery store (at the end of the drive) and was not paying attention (on the phone)and was hit by an Amtrak train. Can’t take anything for granted.

From what I was told the 7.5 Swiss magazines were wax impregnated cardboard. Designed for single use then pitched. Tom

These items are called “Lader” (loader) in the German speaking parts of Switzerland and are really stripper clips. The magazine is part of the rifle.
The brown colour (Lader braun) shows it holds ball cartriges.

From the 1952 edition of the manual for the Mq. 31;


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The magazines are actually detachable.


Which reminded me of this, from the same Swiss manual;


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With some being marked these are also interesting to collect.

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Gyrojet, and you add the load for the colors?
The red looks dummy, and the cream looks blank. The brown is ball, but what is gray. And the lower left looks brown but the cartridges look odd for ball.
Thank you,

you can add a purple one (loaded with AP rounds) but i don’t had pictures


White and Green chargers are for blanks.