Swiss exp. Hard metal 7.5x55


I received two experimental hard metal Swiss 7.5x55 cartridges in one bag, with the copies of the box label. Know someone witch label belongs to witch cartridge? Thanks, Jan.

For what where these cartridges intended, Are they looking for a new AP machine gun load? Isn’t that lae for this kaliber?



Can you post a picture of the headstamps?

Primer annulus color?

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Do I see it right that the manufacturer of the steel core or the alloy is given on the box as Röchling and Carduro?


Primer annulus is far as I know not a big issue on Swiss ctg’s, it’s black or very close to black as is with standard ball, no purple paint on the head as is with issue AP. Hst is 9 T A 70 (12,9,3,6h).
Probably it’s the manufacturer of the core (do you know such producer?

Thanks, Jan


Yes, this is why I am asking. Röchling (of Völkingen) is a German company which was (is, but today named differently I think) a big player in steel alloys and was a leader in the subject back in WWII and likely earlier. They are holding plenty of patents on a multitude of very specialized steel alloys.
During WWII they became famous for their high performance AP type penetrator projectiles which were used for bunker busting and long range bombardment.
Quite well known became the “Tausendfüssler” (multipede) gun which had plenty of chambers mounted sideways on an extreme long barrel. The weapons was (propaganda) designated “V3” (Vergeltungswaffe 3 = Vengeance Weapon 3).öchling+geschoss&biw=1920&bih=959&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi4rP7XiNvQAhWDCSwKHTPPBmMQ_AUIBigB


Carduro was a Swiss company specializing in hard metals, now part of Hartmetall AG. Obviously they were comparing performance of available hard core materials.
Because both cartridges were loaded on the same day I doubt it will be possible to tell which is which unless additional information comes up


Thanks all of you very much for the reply, That solve the mystery of the names. The name “Röchling” is familiar to me, but I thought It was a German weapon out of WWII.
As I have copy of the labels, there must be a person who has the boxes, and know in which box the ctg with the red tip belongs.
Thanks, Jan.


No, no German weapon in conjunction with this name.


Röchling (Röchling Group)


"In 1960, the company was divided into two parent companies: Gebr Röchling KG and Industrie Verwaltung Röchling GmbH, which was renamed the Röchling Industrie Verwaltung (RIV) GmbH in 1972. It encapsulated all the listed companies, primarily the participation in Rheinmetall AG.

In the 1960s and 70s, the Röchling Group started to feel the effects of the looming downturn in coal and steel, which escalated into a global steel crisis. The company responded by completely changing its corporate strategy: It sold the Völklingen Ironworks in 1978 and withdrew entirely from the steel industry…"


Your picture is correct! Carduro has the red tip. The carduro projectile has no boat tail. Thèse are both difficult to get even in Switzerland!


Thanks for clearing this up jeffcy67.
They are coming from a good source, unfortunately I miss my dear friend a lot. Rust in peace Frank.