Swiss headstamps


I have four Swiss cases, two 7.5 x 55 and 2 are .32 Auto. These have brass Berdan primers with green annulus. The brass is also very thick. These are fired cases, and seem really heavy for a .32 Auto round. The case walls measure 0.017" thick, whereas other fired cases I have from Kynoch, Geco and Hirtenberg are much thinner. Is there any reason for this?

The .32s are stamped:


The 7.5s are stamped:


(Sorry about the dashes, it was the only way to keep the letters arranged how they are on the headstamps.)

I have been told that the “T T” headstamp is the Swiss govt. factory at Thun, is this correct? What factory used the “D A” headstamp? What does the top number signify (lot number, month of manufacture etc.??). Any info would be helpful.


Yes, T is for Thun.
The D is for Dornach Patronenfabrik.


Thanks. Jon. For a neutral country, the Swiss don’t seem to have problems designing or manufacturing succesful killing macines like the Oerlikon cannon and Solothurn A/T weapon.


the number at 12.00 is the month of fabrication
The number at 6.00 is the year of fabrication
The letter at 3.00 is the code for the manifacturer of the case
The letter at 9.00 is the code for the manifacturer of the case material

Manifacturer of the case

A Altdorf
P Pole Magdenburg D
S Solothurn
T Thun

Manifacturer of case material

A Altena , Basse and Selve
B Berndorf
B Bern , Munzwerkstatte
B Benzendorf
D Dornach
D. Duren
K unknown
L Luttich Liege
M Menziken
M Munzwekstatte Bern
R Rothenberg
T Thun , Selve
W Wiener Metall


thanks r308, I’ll print that list out.