Swiss M1889 and GP11 Projectile drawings

Can anyone direct me to a Web Page etc, with good quality (CNC type) Designs (Metric) of both the Swiss M1889 Projectile and the GP11 (1911) projectiles…???
Doc AV

I have never seen a dimensioned GP11 drawing published, and I do not have one. It is still in use by the military, maybe this is one reason for this.
Only data I know for sure from a Swiss source is an ogive radius of 9.0 diameters and a boattail angle of 9.5 degrees.
Diameter is 7.8 mm.

Originally it had no crimp groove, which was added in 1929 after feed problems in Lmg 25 light machine gun.

Here’s one of the GP11 and GP90 (closest I have).


Great information for ballistics freaks like me. Thanks a lot.

Note that the round nosed bullet shown is the jacketed 90/23, not the original 90 bullet, which was paper-patched lead, with a steel cap. I believe there is a significant difference in diameter between the 90 and the 90/23. Jack

I’m very short of drawing of Swiss stuff but here are a couple from the minutes of the Small Arms Committee;

Definitely not CNC ready and definitely not in Metric !