Swiss Machinengewehrmarkiergerat and its Ammunition




Harrie, interesting machine. A company in Hollywood CA that furnished firearms the motion picture industry used to make a machine to simulate machinegun fire. It had two steel cylinders geared together, each one had one half of a chamber machined on the outside. It fed 22 blanks inserted in a special “cartridge belt”. The cartridges and the belt both fed through the machine. It had a hammer in the middle to fire the cartridges and was powered by an automobile windshield wiper motor that was adjustable for speed to simulate different types of machine guns.


The workings of the machine you describe sound similar the British experimental “Nutcracker” aircraft gun firing artillery calibre ammunition. There are also several other designers and countries who have tried this method throughout history, usually with poor results due to the precise timing required when firing high-powered live ammunition associated with aircraft guns, and the need to design a special cartridge.


This are the Pict"s of the inside of the MM gerat
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I picked up a round for this yesterday, with usual copper case and Swiss headstamp. Where were these made? Does “T” on the box shown mean Thun?


Falcon - you say the round you picked up has a Swiss headstamp. What is the headstamp? That will tell you who made it, and depending on when made, also who supplied the case metal. “T” does stand for Thun. I don’t know these cartridges, but assume they used the standard Swiss headstamp styles.


This is the size of a .22LR, it has simply the Swiss cross in shield on the headstamp.


Falcon and John
Yes"T" stands for Thun factory,I have understand that they have used this machine from 1938 till 1995 .
I have now the following boxes in my collection.

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Cheers Gyrojet, my round has exactly the same headstamp you show. What I want to know is were these all made at Thun? For now I have put it in my records as Thun.


At all the boxes I have say “T” Thun…


I will leave it as Thun in my records then. Have you ever fired your Machinengewehrmarkiergerat?


Interesting headstamp on the cartridges in the simulator belt. Look like copper cases. That Hdst was only used post WW-1 with copper cases.