Swiss meeting 2020 updates?

Hi friends how about the swiss meeting in corona time. I want to ask if it is so much restrictions of travelling who will arrive to Switzerland? Will the meeting take place? Pavel

yes, latest info is that the meeting will take place. hopefully we will see you next week

many french people will not come.

Swiss asks from September 14 quarantine for people coming from most of the french regions

Pleas have a look on the following link.

Only a few regions of france have to do quarantine days.

Hope to see you all at the Meeting!!


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In the document linked by r3doX, the language can be switched in the top right corner, including English.

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All has already been said.
The raised quarantine regulations for France are comming one week to early :-/
From todays perspective the meeting will be held.
Health precausions for the meeting itself are also in place, to meet all the necessary governmental regulations.

Best Regards

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only a few regions ??? !!
yes if you live in the open country there is no problem !!

here is a map

The only regions ok are

it means only the following regions are ok


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Sorry JP, i didn’t know how big these regions are… thought that were small reagions like haut-rhin or bas-rhin, belfort and so on…

I’m sorry :-/

No problem.
It is normal.
Even in the news in France it is a mess and they talk about departments, regions and so on.

Anyway you can be proud to be swiss.
In my opinion Swiss is one of the few serious countries in Europe.

It is the mess in France because the goverment is unable to take decisions (the mask in this street and not in this one) , its stupidity (we were the only european country to have open borders when all the other countries were closed and there is still no temperature control in the airports, aso), its lies (mask is of no use) and so on
and the people who do not care at all about virus (many places where the sellers in the shops do not wear mask, people not having mask or wearing it on the throat, meetings of 5000 or 10000 people and so on)


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I just read in the Dutch papers that part of Switzerland became a code orange.
Genève, Freiburg and Vaud, Also Prague, Czech Republic became this warning.

After return from this aria, you must go for 10 days in quarantine.

Aesch is in Kanton: Basel-Landschaft which is not affected

cu thursday??

Hello All,
I’m already on the road for the meeting and I realize that except that it stand in Aesch I haven’t got the adress. Is someone could post it here?

Mehrzweckhalle Löhrenacker
CH-4147 Aesch Landskronstrasse 41

Landskronstrasse 41, 4147 Aesch BL, Switzerland

Thank you both, I found it on the main page of the IAA website…🙃