Swiss P SeCa by RUAG in USA

I work as a gunsmith at a mom and pop gun dealer in the US and have access to many of the big distributors/wholesalers that sell guns and ammo. One of them had 8 boxes of 9mm ammo listed as “SAMP SWISS P 363841000 9X19MM (SR) S 50” with no other info for $8.25 ea. I ended up getting all 8 boxes figuring it would, at the very least, be high quality range ammo. This is what I got:

Headstamp is 9x19SR 12M1 T

The info I’ve found on it here mainly indicates that it’s European police ammo. Is this stuff common in the US? One Gunbroker ad (no longer viewable) claimed it is “+P+ 1312FPS.” Is this true? I thought +P was a SAAMI thing and it isn’t indicated on the box. Does the 12M1 on the box/headstamp indicate Jan. 2012 production? Would you shoot this stuff or keep it? Give me the skinny.

Thanks guys!
Eric W

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RUAG quotes muzzle velocity as 395 m/s from a 100 mm barrel (1296 fps from 4" barrel). Pressure is given as 2700 bar, which is definitely on the hot side.
Accuracy is quoted as 10 shots within 12 mm radius (.5") at 25 meters.
The bullet is lead-free as is the primer, hence the SR for “schadstoffreduziert”.

P.S. To avoid confusion, RUAG has raised the quoted pressure figure since the publication of the flyer shown in Muskey’s message below.

The SeCa was an interesting design that inserted a gilding metal, closed at the front end, tube inside a gm jacket, to give a two piece lead-free expanding bullet. Here’s images from the RUAG 2002/03 brochure, & a picture of the bullet after expansion in soft tissue.

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Here’s an earlier version that has the tinned insert.



For interest, RUAG produced a two piece, lead-free, ‘training round’ version of the SeCa known as the SeIf, with the gm insert being loaded into the base of the bullet to create a non-expanding ‘FMJ’ projectile. Below, again from the 2002/03 brochure, images of the data & construction, along with a photo of a couple of fired bullets recovered from soft tissue simulant.

There are slightly different SeCa variants made during the SM era (before RUAG) that have a nominal weight of 100 gr (6.5 g) and 103 grs (6.7 g).

Revolver Gunsmith - As you use these for range ammo, please don’t throw away the boxes and save a dozen or so rounds. This box, especially, is seldom found in the USA. The cartridges aren’t exactly common, either.

For example, I would be happy to pay you the $8.25 a box just for the box itself with 3 rounds (one for collection, one for box sample, and one for sectioning)!

There are likely others who would as well.

If of any interest, send me a personal message thru this website.

John Moss

Revolver Gunsmith, what JohnMoss says above goes for me too, but I would only need two rounds.One for the box and one for the collection.

Some boxes. Enjoy! Fede See the 6,5 g.

image image

Jeff, great boxes, thanks for sharing. There is another early box reading “100 grs / 6,5 g” instead of “100,3 grs / 6,5 g”. I’ll post a picture as soon as possible.



Here its is. This one dates from 2000.

Please, can you match the front and side pictures of the boxes?



More! Fede will give you an answer in a couple days. Not home.