Swiss revolver Mle 1890 ctge for spanish speaking country

Here are two pictures of Swiss revolver Mle 1890 ctges boxes.
(for lead bullets and for copper bullets)
The funny thing is the fact the labels are in Spanish;



Which spanish language country could use them in 1913 ?

The Swedish and Norwegian Nagant revolvers uses the same cartridge.,5mm%20Nagant&Menu_Value_B=

but they do not speak Spanish in Sweden or Norway.

Err no. But it will give you a clue as to what revolver aside from the Swiss (wich they didnt export) that was in a Spanish speaking country.
So dig into who Nagant Brothers sold/exported to.

According to this site Argentina and Brazil bought some 7,5mm revolvers and Argentina speaks Spanish.

So a good bet is Argentina?

It could be for Argentina,. I don’t know. It could be that.

But your demonstration is based on the fact you assimilate the Swiss ctge to the Swedish or Norvegian ctge.

SFM didn’t do that in these times.
They were very rigourous in the designation of their ctges.
The dimensions were not the same between Swedish (or Norvegian) and Swiss ctges.

If a customer asked for a Swedish ctge they would not writte Swiss revolver Mle 1890 ctge on the label.


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