Swiss Saltech 12GA and 40mm

Inspired by another thread I checked the website of Saltech (Switzerland) as I did not visit their website for a while.

Now they are advertizing 12GA and 40mm ammunition.
Has anybody already seen these cartridges?
Are images available?

Does anybody have a catalog of Saltech?

Alex, forgive my off-topic rambling, but their tagline: “Quality, not quantity” makes me wonder if they’re the kind of company who supplies 2 boxes of ammo, and upon being asked for more, replies with “be happy the stuff you got is high quality”…

Isn’t it really “quality over quantity”? ;-)


Ole, that one needs to find out but I guess they are rather supplying govt entities than commercial business.

I assume their statement is to justify their prices. And having said this one should know that they are also using components of well known “inexpensive” suppliers. So it is the typical business of buying cheap, applying a pricy brand name and letting others paying for their wealth. Very common these days and for some reason explicitly often done by Switzerland.