Swiss streamline bullet

Found in the minutes of the British Small Arms Committee.

Interesting that its the spitting image of a Kynoch Pattern 1937 streamline bullet shown on page 41 of Mead & Labbett, even the date rings a bell. Can it of been a coincidence?


Happy collecting, Peter

No, it is not a coincidence. Kynoch conducted lots of tests with the Swiss bullet and then copied it in .303 inch calibre.

This became the basis of the streamlined Ball Mark VIIIz for the Vickers gun.


The Swiss Model 1911 bullet seems to have been regarded as the canine’s dangly bits at the time. The USA also tested it thoroughly before adopting the M1 ball. It was one of the first boat-tailed military bullets (after that French solid brass Balle D, of course).

Roger Mundy wrote an excellent article on the .303 magnum and the various Kynoch match bullets in the IAA journal a year or so ago.

Kynoch’s first streamlined .303 match bullet was in 1924 and attached is the drawing for the virtualy identical 1925 bullet.

The Small Arms Committee later bought a lot of this match ammunition to develop the Mark VIIIZ bullet and also attached is a 1937 Design Department drawing of the prototype Mark VIIIZ “based on Swiss Pattern” shown in the Research Department Sketch 5082 you posted. Finally a 1938 Kynoch drawing showing a bullet described as “Swiss Form”.