Syrian 7.5 x 54 French MAS

Can anyone translate this label from a box of Syrian 7.5x54mm French MAS. About all I can determine is that the box holds 15 7.5 cartridges made in 1957.

BFP1 = French powder !
My package in another marking

Mine has the same 1957 dated headstamp. I received 25 boxes from someone who bought them 20 years ago, at around a dollar per box. He found them to be unreliable - lots of duds and hangfires.

Guy, that

That’s just what I told the fellow I got them from when he asked what I what I wanted them for - they don’t need to be functional, they just need to look functional.

Just for information, 3 years before, Syrians produced 8mm Lebel in Damas!
I think the box should be identical, but I’ve never seen.

8Lebel, how are these Syrian 8mms identified? What is the headstamp?

That’s a good question. I have drawing about, all tools for the bullet and the case but nothing about headstamp.
When the tools and machines have left France, there was no marking.
The headstamp was made in Damas.

I have never heard of these. Please post any other info you have on them.

You have an MP!

Back to the original question - Can anyone translate the label?