Syrian 7,5x54 MAS ammunition

One of the pleasures … and pitfalls of collecting obscure stuff is discovering who made things that are completely unmarked, once things like cartridge clips are seperated from their original packaging they’re often impossible to identify.

I’ve got a number of unmarked 7,5x54 MAS clips but these could be early (pre-1935) French ones, or they could be Vietnamese or Syrian. A while back I came across a box of 15 Syrian made cartridges, in 3 unmarked clips and still in a “just about” sealed package. These clips bear little relation to my other unmarked MAS ones so either Syria made a few different types (likely) or none of what I had were actually Syrian (quite likely).



Can anyone fill in the details of who made these and where and when … from the writing on the packaging ?


Are those clips you show aluminum or steel “backed”?

Aluminum / with a steel spring I thought, but have no documentation, are French made.

I’m pretty sure that headstamp is Syrian.


The clips are all aluminium, both the channel and spring are non-magnetic.


Your rounds were made in 1956. Mine were made in 1957 - the box otherwise looks the same.