Syrian cartridge manufacturers

Some 35 years back I got my first Syrian 7,62x39 (1964) cartridge made by the “Syrian Defense Industries Syndicate”. This information coming from the copy of a 50 rd. box label. Other details are, apart from lot numbers, possibly dates, the use Yugoslav powder and case brass supplier being phonetically Deel, could well be Diehl in Germany.

My 1967 box repeats it all, the powder however now being Nctp 0,9x0,3 which is a Czechoslovak specification, and Deel/Diehl? brass.

My other 2 boxes, ctgs of the years 70 and 71, state on their labels the use of Nctp 0,9x0,3 and Deel/Diehl? brass. For me the important deviation from the previous however is the

1970 was made by Syrian Defense Industries Syndicate ma’amal (factory?) 823
1971 was made by Syrian Defense Industries Syndicate ma’amal (factory?) 837

Has anybody got more such information, maybe the location of those plants, maybe an internet link to their profile and production range? Everything appreciated!