T-93E1 7.62x51mm AP


T93E1 7.62x51mm AP for light rifle 183gr., headstamp FA/51, black tip, steel core



The T6 bullet actually weighs a nominal 140 grains. I think you probably got that weight (183 grains) from a list that was incorrect. The T1E3 case weighs 183 grains and the number somehow got referenced as the bullet weight.

Nit picking time too. While most will call the cartridge the 7.62x51mm, it is not that at all. It wasn’t until after adoption by NATO that the cartridges took on that designation. The pre-NATO AP that you have is correctly called AP Cal .30 T93E1.



Thanks Ray for clearing that up, always wondered when it switched from cal. 30 to 7.62x51. The info on the T-93E1 came from “Cartridges Of The World, 7th Ed.” They have the T-93 at 140-5 grains for AP bullet and the T-93E1 at 183 grains approx. with T93 case. I didn’t know any better, just plagiarizing wrong.
For all the cutting of the cartridges that you’ve seen from me were all done on wet grinders and wet sanders with lots of water. Its the same process for sharpening good wood working chisels. Mine are a two metal (soft steel for hitting welded on top of hard steel for edge) Jap. chisels that are easily retempered if you blue the metal while sharpening. That loses the sharpness of the chisel. Well its the same for cutting tracers or steel core AP. Can’t heat the projectile while grinding so not to set off the tracer mixture, or heat the steel AP to where it melts the lead surrounding the core. The water cools the cutting and helps keep the dust down. Found that one out when I cut my first one!
The flatness of the projectile after being sanded with a 400 grit sand paper can make you pick out the different colors of the other metals better, just my opinion. All the steel cores grind the same. The tungsten ceramic carbide in the M993 wouldn’t even scratch.



The T93 has the T6 bullet in the 49mm case. The T93E1, of course, has the T6 bullet in the 51mm case. Now you need to get a T93E2 which has the T29 bullet (150 grain BT) in the 51mm case.

The NATO designation and headstamp started with 1955 production ('54 for FN) although in the USA the case length (51mm) was not a part of the official nomenclature. It is either 7.62MM NATO or NATO CAL 7.62MM.




Your sectioning work is great and don’t worry about not having all the details on designations, etc. down. Keep hanging around this Forum and you will soon pick up more knowledge on your subjects of disection than you can imagine! These folks will help you learn all you can imagine and more. Myself, I just try to soak it all up and learn in awe from these very advanced and generous collectors who always seem eager to share their knowledge.

Keep on cutting and go heavy on the water with the more energetic items!



Admin. Message–As much as I would like to see instructions on this Forum on how to section cartridges, please keep in mind the probation on posting such information.
When this Forum first started two of the first rules were 1-No Posts about reloading with details such as powder type and amount and 2-No Posts on details of how to section cartridges. Both of these rules are for liability purposes if someone gets hurt using information obtained on this Forum.


Sorry Ron, new about the first rule, didn’t see the second about not posting how to section. Just I’m honest man and people keep asking how I’m doing it. Didn’t want to blow them off. Everyones been so nice about my lack of knowledge. Will not happen again. I am working on pics on most of the sections that have gone wrong, which happens more often than you think. Have about 10 or so that are melted, burnt, set off, fell into grinder, etc… Hoping this will deter others from trying this.
I do realize how dangerous this is, and try to do it safely as possible. Thinking ahead, asking questions here first, knowing what inside whats being cut. All very important questions that are more important than anything else. Maybe if someone can see the inside of small caliber cartridges that are posted here, they won’t go out and try this. Making the same mistakes that I have.
So far all you’ve seen are tracers and armor piercing. Wait until I start posting the API and the incendiaries. Those are intresting.

If I offended any one else, I’m sorry.


wolfganggross–As for sectioning information, I have LONG argued that it SHOULD be openly discussed, if for no other reason than to help people do it safely. But, the IAA Board keeps saying “NO”, so I as an Admin. am obligated to enforce their dictates.

Please keep posting the RESULTS (good or bad) of your work. It is only the methodology that is prohibited.