T C Contender Shotshells


I bought what I thought was a factory box of TC Contender shotsheel. Upon arriving back home a closer study revieled two different headstamps in the box. One was “SUPER VEL 357 MAG and the other was W-W SUPER 357 MAGNUM”. After close examination with a powerful glass there are no telltale signs of reloading.The nickled brass is flawless and the crimps are uniform and markfree. My question to the forum is, what was the factory headstamp on these cartridges? Did they at different times use different manufactuers? These are the long shotshell cartridges for the Contender. The capsules are milky white not transparent and the shade is slightly different with different headstamp.


remchester, they did load these in SuperVel, W-W and R-P (Remington) cases. I have seen all of these. The one full box of Contender shots that I have are all Super Vel and I suspect that T/C did not mix headstamps but I am not certain. It’s quite possible someone mixed the 2 to make a full box.

These are considered yellow capsules, for #9 shot. They also come in Blue (#4), Red (#6) and Green (#7 1/2). T/C made these in .44 Rem Mag too.


SHOTMEISTER, thanks for the reply however my capsules are white and the box says #4 shot. HOWEVER I bought this box off of a bargain table at the local gun shop. This dealer took them in with a Contender as trade. The box could easily be from multiply boxes and not certain if the box is original to the cartridges inside.


If your capsules are truly clear, then I’d say you have reloads. There were ‘after market’ capsules available but I’ve not identified any who made them yet. Capsules could be bought and loaded with any size shot. Here are some .44 examples that include a clear capsule.

Here’s my .357 box.

This is the inner tray. I have seen styrofoam too.


As you can witness from my wifes photos these capsules are not clear but white. The box states #4 shot and with 2 headstamps it is obvious it is a mixed box. I opened one capsule and indeed shot size is #4 ( 0.125" dia.) shot. Ever see any capsules this color?


In your pictures, at least to my eye, its possible to call these a very light blue but not what I would expect to see. Here’s a picture of the .44 Hot Shots in #4, on the right.

Based on the mixed headstamps and the off-colored capsules, I’d say reloads but it’s possible that these are factory loads too, variations can exist. Was hopeing some of the long-timers would chime in and provide enlightenment.