Taiwanese Counterfeit Headstamps

From two Taiwanese forensic reports published in 2011-12:

Fede - I see no description of what we are looking at? Are the reports in Chinese? No, I am not teasing. If in English, are they available anywhere? If in Chinese, then I understand why there is no description with the photos.

John, sorry, the first picture shows two loaded examples of counterfeit cartridges simulating Armscor and Winchester manufacture.

Second and third pictures shows a comparison between factory made (left) and counterfeit cartridges (right). Note that the fake Winchester headstamp reads “LUOER”.

The fourth picture shows an expended case showing the Armscor counterfeit headstamp.

Beyond that, there is not much useful information to add. The reports are in .pdf and written in English; do you want me to send copies to your email?



Fede - Thank you for the explanation and the offer of copies of the reports. I trust your judgment completely. If you say their is little else of value and interest in them, I won’t need copies.

I would be interested to know what the motivation for forging these was. My best guesses are either;

  1. large scale manufacturing forgery for resale (similar to any forged Asian good)
  2. a small-time boutique machinist doing it simply because he can, or for some project
  3. made specially as an accessory for an Asian military trade show for a display
  4. made by law enforcement to be used as an incognito method of tracking criminals.

Matt, I would guess something like number one, like the endless headstamps and boxes made in workshops located in Darra.