Take apart brass black powder shotgun shell


I found this in a junk box and took it home. It looks to be well designed and well used. I have not found any real info on this cartridge.

The base is marked" Patent Date Nov 29,1864 FD-Co.


it is a Draper shotshell


It uses a percussion cap in place of a primer - right?


They are not rare, but the base is missing in may of the examples, you have a nice specimen. It was a transfer from a cap to a contained shell.


Indeed, a Draper and yes Vince, it used a percussion cap on the nipple. I really don’t know what the definition of rare is in this trade but I have only seen a couple of Drapers offered over the last couple of years, some offered for rediculous amounts. I passed up one similar in condition to yours for $100. I don’t really have interest in these. This one appears to be a nice piece to me too and if I found one in a drawer, I’d feel lucky and fortunant!