Taking a trip to Germany. Any suggestions?


Hey guys,
My GF and I are taking a trip to Germany in about a week. Our schedule will be pretty tight, but we will be in Berlin for a few days and might have some free time there.
If anyone has any recommendations for places to visit in Berlin, PLMK. We will be visiting a flak-tower and the Reichstag for sure. We also plan to take a Trabi tour. There should be time to hit a few other places though.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.




A nice place to visit is the old DWM works at the Eichborndamm in Berlin-Borsigwalde. The Berlin state archives are housed there, amongst others.

The complex has nicely been restored and it offers a nice glimpse into the past of that famous company.

Also try to walk around the now-closed Tempelhof airport. Had the chance to do that a couple of months ago and it was very impressive to see the complex.


You will want to walk over from the Reichstag to the park where the Russian War Memorial is. A nice short walk and an impressive monument, with a T-34 Tank and an Artillery piece up on pedestals. Also, I would want to walk under the Brandenburg Gate, right in the same area, and on down the Unter Den Linden Strasse a few blocks, to a Memorial building on the left side of the street, with columns in front of it, that was a NAZI Memorial before 1946 and now is also a Russian memorial. It is nice to walk the same steps that so many famous (and infamous) people did. I visited it but could not walk under the Brandenburg Gate. There was a little thing called the Berlin Wall in the way. We went through Checkpoint Charlie, a “must see” in my view if it is still there. The second memorial I spoke of is in what was then East Berlin.

I never saw Tempelhof Airport. We flew in from Paris into the French military airport (Air France also flew into there). I forget the name of it, shamefully. It was a much smaller airport, and I remember we walked from the plane right through the German Zollamt (Customs) out into the parking lot in about ten minutes.

There is plenty to see in Berlin. You might want to visit the Olympische Stadion (Olympic Stadium) in Berlin as well. YOu can stand where all the top officials of the Reich reviewed the contestants, and also see the track, and perhaps walk on it, I’m not sure, where Jessie Owens proved the “Supermen” were not so super after all.

Berlin is a great and important city, and even so many years ago, I found the people to be friendly and helpful. I have fond memories of our visit there, and wish I could go back now.

Wish I had known about DWM. Of course, it might not have been restored yet. Much wasn’t, especially on the East side of the Berlin Wall, when I visited Berlin.

John Moss


A trip around the ring-S-bahn line to see Berlin a bit from the backside and a trip out to Potsdam for either the Sans Souci and/or the Cecilienhof -that’s where the Potsdam conference was held.
Wonderful city, been there twice.
On our first attempt at Potsdam the S-bahn line was closed because a “Blindgänger” was found in the embankment… WW2 is still a factor an many ways in that great city.


Here are some photos of the old DWM complex that I took when I was there in 2005. The tower was originally designed as a water tower.

Here is the same tower in 1938:


How about these museums? Take lots of pictures.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luftwaffen … Bundeswehr
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German-Rus … Karlshorst
berlin.de/mauer/museen/allii … ex.en.html


Is this a posting on Cartridges or a posting on historic sites in Germany???

AS Corley, if this is a cartridge specific question, please ask it,

Lew Curtis


In this case, doesn’t the discussion and posting of pictures of the DWM plant qualify this thread?
I would think it would. Had I known any cartridge collectors in Berlin, I would have supplied their names as well, which may be one thing he would have liked to have found out before his trip. Just my thoughts on it. I appreciate we are trying to keep the subject on ammunition and I applaud that, but the listing of military museums is relevant to that subject, in my view, as are the nice before and after pictures of the DWM factory, which I for one thought was long, long gone.

If not, it is my fault, as my posting, my usual ramblings of an old man remembering some special times, was the LEAST relevant, and I sincerely apologize to all for it.

John Moss


I’d like to see the inside of an average German gun shop, the selection of available ammo and guns, just for comparison with US. The only foreign gun shops I’ve seen were Venezuelan and Canadian. I don’t know if such a post as “A gun shop in my country” is allowed here.


Thanks for all the responses guys. They are definitely appreciated and will help make my trip much more enjoyable.

Lew, I apologize about not asking a specific ammunition question. My posting this on these boards was in the hopes of gaining some suggestions of places to visit from a cartridge collecting perspective, but I did not express that specifically and I am sorry about that.

However, if anyone knows of a gun shop, or any other place around Berlin that sells ammunition and/or firearms, I would be immensely keen on visiting one. Just to see the differences between Texas and Germany in that respect. My GF would appreciate that too. She isn’t really a cartridge collector, but is very much a firearms/ammunition enthusiast.

Thanks again guys!


Allen, Thanks, I thought that is what you probably meant, but we need to keep the postings cartridge focused.

You should try to stay in Germany through 1 May. The meeting of the German branch of the European Cartridge Research Association has their meeting (show) in Hessisch Oldendorf in northern Germany just outside Hamlin of Pied Piper fame. The meeting is 29 April to 1 May. Lovely area that your girlfriend will enjoy, and an excellent cartridge show. You will see lots of good items and meet lots of very knowledgable collectors.

This is a “members only” event. You must be a member of either the ECRA or the IAA to attend. You have time to get either membership. The schedule is:

16.00 till 20.00 oclock Swap meet Friday 9.00 till 18.00 oclock Swap meet
18.30 General assembbly
20.30 Dinner
Saturday 9.00 till 18.00 o.clock Swap meet

To register or get further information contact:

Uta Klünder, Hilligsfelder Straße 5, D 31789 Hameln
mailto: uk308@web.de phone 0177-4208564

Have a great trip!!!




Please don’t forget, you need an in/export licence for ammo in Germany.
Be careful, without one you find yourself in problems at the airport.



I went to Berlin twice during the last 5 years and I have visited the German Airforce museum in Gatow (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German-Rus … Karlshorst).

The Airforce museum ist quite far outside of Berlin and you will need a car to get there (no good public transportation to that place). Most of the exhibits there are Soviet aircarft and helicopters, only very few stuff from the WWII period (don’t recall a single WWII plane on exhibition there). So if you are looking for the latter, you will probably be disapointed.

The German-Russian museum is within city limits and can be reached with public transportation. On exhibition there are a few (5-10) artillery guns and a single window with different artillery shells. From the ammunition collector’s point of view not really worth the trip.

If you are interested in history I am stronly recommending the former DDR Stasi prison in Hohenschoenhausen:
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin-Hoh … n_Memorial
Former political prisoners are now guiding the tours through this prison (a memorial site now), which has survived in a state that makes you believe the Stasi officers have just left minutes ago. I was very impressed by that prison and the stories the former prisoners told you during their tour. By the way, today most of the former prison guards/personnell still live unharmed in the apartment buildings surrounding the prison…

Official webpage of the memorial:
Just contact them about English tours (which they do have).


John, just a small precision (Please Lew, forgive me, it is about tourism again!)= the small airport (French military) you do not remember the name was Berlin-Gatow. I do not know if it is still active to-day.

The city changed enormously since 1945…but it is still possible to find many historical spots, like this other memorial, in the former prison of Moabit, where the condemned of the July 20th, 1944 conspiration were hanged in atrocious conditions.
Their agony was filmed to be shown to the Führer later on… Now a memorial, it is a terrible place, even for a short visit, but, in my belief, a necessary stay…where you can think about human madness.

Cartridges arte definitely better…




Philippe - was the Berlin-Gatow airport also called “Tegl?” That is the name I now remember, although I may have spelled it wrong here.

Sorry also about not being a cartridge question, but it is a direct question to an answer on this thread.



John, Berlin has several airports:
Tempelhof (just got closed)
Gatow (air foce museum today)
Berlin Brandenburg International (the new jumbo airport under construction)


… and to end the Gatow/Tegel - French/British confusion:

Tegel was the airport in the French sector
Gatow was the airport in the British sector
Tempelhof was the airport in the American sector

Schönefeld lays in the South East outside of Berlin
Berlin Brandenburg International will succeed Schönefeld in the same place under a new name.


Well, there is also a place named TEGEL in Berlin area, but I do not remember if there was a “Flugplatz” there…!

Anyay, a “Berliner” member, if any, will maybe, know?

What I am sure, anyway, was about
the French military airport in Gatow…It was used during the Berlin Airlift …



While this thread may not have started out with a photo of a cartridge or a cartridge related question, it has been one of the more active and interesting threads lately. The forum has been pretty inactive the last couple of weeks, so it would seem that stifling discussion that is not 100% related to cartridges is the last thing we need right now. I’m not sure what has happened, but in the past things picked up after everyone returned from St Louis. Apparently it was a great show, as everyone must still be digging out from under their new acquisitions.


EOD. HANS, PHILIPPE, etc. It was Tegel Flughaven that we landed at. I remember the name clearly now, and that it was a French-operated Airport. We took Air France from Paris to Berlin.

John M.