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Perhaps interesting.



For those not being able to see the above video because it says “due to licencing agreement, it is not available in your country”, look into something called VPN (virtual private network). It will allow you to switch to many different servers around the world, thus, in this case, the website will think you are in Poland, while physically you are in Kansas, let’s say, or anywhere else. VPN has other cool uses which is a different matter.

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Very impressive indeed. Here some pictures of a left-over after it did BOOM.

Dirk, the one depicted went more “poof” than “boom”.


Landhorst Dirk?

Yes. It still is there but had to be removed to the inside because of, can you imagine, “law-breaking”…

Hmm, breaking bones and spines with this one is for sure but what is the law-breaking factor in scrap metal?

According Dutch legislation, this scrap is considered as ammunition.

Seems legislation there is (s)crap!
Or is this what is in the brains of people declaring this for legislation?
I see no other possible explanation…

Alex, Dutch authorities have grown completely mad. Their latest joke is the e-screener, moral evaluation of gun owners with a computerprogramm. It seems they called it already off but it illustrates the complete madness. Thank God I’m living in Belgium!


And this is only the very beginning! More to come!
I feel sad for the next generation!
Next will be a moral police and thought control.
History is repeating!

Love this illustration (aimed at the USSR/Russia but it is the same everywhere).
In case this is too off-topic moderators may remove the pic or ask me to do so.
Source: internet.


Hey duqjans, not ammunition actually…
Aircraft bombs are considered weapons under Dutch law.

The absolute ridiculous bit about the situation in the Netherlands is that illegal arms import/possession is in no way hampered/checked (EU/open borders etc.), whilst everyone trying to play things according to the law, is being scrutinized down to near molecular levels…

You have three guesses as to which “crowd” causes the majority of violent firearms related crime …

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