Talon White Feather pre-production boxes

Talon Manufacturing Company’s White Feather ammunition has been discussed previously, but I had not seen the pre-production lots until SLICS.

155gr Sierra PALMA MatchKing

175gr Sierra MatchKing

170gr Lapua D-46 Match

185gr Lapua D-46 Match

175gr SMK White Feather production

It would appear that the various loads were identified by different color primer seals

From left to right: 155gr Sierra PALMA MK, 170gr Lapua D-46, 185gr Lapua D-46, 175gr SMK production

Does anyone know the color used for the seal on the 175gr SMK pre-production cartridges?


11 g (170 gr) Lapua D46? My understanding is that the D46 since its inception in 1934 weighs 12 g (185 gr).
Could the box marked 170 gr D46 contain in reality Lapua B476 Lock Base projectiles?

Edit: both are FMJ designs, not hollow point.

I pulled the bullets from the cartridges in question - 185gr on the left 170gr on the right

The 170gr is a D46, not a lockbase which has a more normal BT design with an almost enclosed core. I’ve also looked back through my assorted reloading stocks and came across a box of 170gr D46 bullets. The Lapua catalog number is 4PL7023. This bullet is listed in older Lapau catalogs - most recent listing I can find (and accurately date) is 2002.


NATODave, thanks a lot for taking the trouble to pull the bullets and documenting both D46 variants side by side.

From Lapua’s 1994 catalog:

Thanks, Fede. Interesting that Lapua lists identical ballistic coefficients for D46 and D47 in both weights, although the latter’s crimp groove results in a somewhat higher air drag (lower ballistic coefficient).