I hope I’m not going to far with this post but there seem to be some who are very interested in BIG ordnance. (There was a nuclear variant) This link is a very detailed description of this weapon, done by a PhD who served in the Navy with this weapon system.
At the bottom of the page you’ll see 2 links for the missile. Well worth the read if these things interest you.


Shotmeister–Anything that goes “Boom” or “Bang”, wither used in a Small Arm or the biggest Cannon or a Missile, is acceptable for this Forum. I believe it was before your time on this Forum, but the topic that ran the longest (over a year) and received the most responses (several hundred) and was looked at the most (several thousand) , by far, was one about Torpedoes!!


Hey Shot

Further study of that site will produce a copy of the GMM 3 & 2 and 1 & C manuals. Somewhere in there it says who provided it. 3 guesses. Last 2 don’t count.

Here ya go. Just above the big, bold print.


The key phrase in your referenced link Rick; “we could share them with everyone who is interested.” My interest did not drive me far enough to see the benefactor of the valuable information listed within. Should’a known I hadn’t found anything new but it was interesting to read about such an ancient weapon as Talos, like the folks that tended it I guess.



I have a bit more interest in the topic, for obvious reasons, and we “found” each other a while back. His original interest was copies of cruise books. And then it got all out of hand. I was on a similar class ship, with a different missile system, but same-o same-o. Phil has done a great service. Discounting the missile/weapons part, his text and pics are second to none and accurately depict the world’s finest for that era.

And yea, I picked up on the “ancient” comment. :-)


Great website! My dad was an RD2 assigned to FLAGPLOT on COMSEVENTHFLT Staff aboard the OK City…transferred over from the St Paul…and then from the OK City to the Providence…

Anyway, I sent the link to him, he found it most interesting and enjoyable.