Tank ammo hang fire question

In the movie “The Beast of War” https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094716/ a Soviet tank experiences a hang fire (misfire) in Afghanistan, the entire crew evacuates the tank in a big hurry and returns in about 5 min to unload the main cannon. Why did they leave? If they just left the cannon locked and loaded for 10-15min (they were not under attack), I assume the hang part of it would be resolved. The question comes from total lack of tank experience.
Also, the tank turned the turret continuously and laid a defensive flame thrower circle out of the turret. Is this factual?
The movie shows a Soviet soldiet repairing a damaged RPG by borrowing parts from a British Lee-Enfield (which I assume to be totally made up), so I question other things about this film.

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I saw that movie when it first came out, and wondered the same thing.
Frst we would need to know which version of the RPG Launcher they used, and a parts diagram.
I know the RPG-7 uses a coil spring in the trigger group, (I know nothing about the earlier versions, except the RPG-22).
I would also guess the Enfield firing pin spring “could” be used in the trigger group, but, if I remember correctly, that is not what he used for the repair.

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yes i saw this movie ,very good
for the hangfire i think they just need to wait ,they are no risk of explosion (the fuze of shell cannot be armed)
but it a hollywood movie
and i noticed that tank shells explode at very short distance when they use the flamethrower in circle


Hey it’s just a movie guys!

Yes, it is “only” a movie, but historical accuracy should be correct, as should punctuation.
Plus, some of us want to know

There are only two movies I can think of where they actually attempted to be as accurate as possible.
For instance, both the WWII Epic, “Saving Private Ryan” [The 98 Mauser and 1903a3 Springfield did not fire 6~20 rounds], and Western Epic, “Silverado” [Single Action revolvers did not shoot upwards of 26 rounds], showed people running out of ammo and needing to reload after the proper number of shots fired.