Tank Ammunition "Challenge Coin"

I am not 100% sure I know what this is but it was sold to me as a “Challenge Coin”. I of course just like it because it is related to modern tank ammunition. It was cheap and I thought it was cool :-)

Also, is their such a thing as “The Program Executive Office Ammunition”???


Yes, the Army has a PEO-Ammunition.


thanks so much Daniel!

Very cool Jason. Challenge coins seem to be one of those things that came about after I was in the service…

Those HE and HEAT have a different projectile than I am familiar with. Is this a new design?


Those HE and HEAT rounds are fairly new and often called MP for multi-purpose or OR for obstacle reducing. I believe you can set or program them for different burst patterns or delays for obstacles, armor, personnel and even in flight helos?


Anyone even know what a “Challenge Coin” is? I have no clue but they seem to make them for everything.


Those HE and HEAT have a different projectile than I am familiar with. Is this a new design?


AKMS, this is the M830A1 HEAT-MP-T with proximity fuze and is actually a sabotted projectile.


Great pics EOD! Thanks! Love that sectioned photo.

You can Google a bunch of stories dating back to the Great Wars…

I like the version something to the effect of…if a superior “challenges” you (at a bar for instance)…and you have your companie’s/unit’s coin with you…he buys…if you do not…you buy (“you lose the challenge”)

a smattering of coins here at the office

We tend to have quite a few military heros (any one in uniform qualifies as a hero to me) come by the stadium…and they have continued to add to coins to the a steel cabinet (baggies held up with magnets) next to my office…there are some rarer than others (as I am told)

Challange coins came into favor in the mid-90s as I was leaving the Service. The only way I have seen them used is for the drink challange in the club mentioned above, but in my experience, anyone could issue the challange, not just a superior. Lts and Capts use to take great pleasure in catching a more senior officer without their coin. In the AF, they originally had a SN engraved on them to keep track who they were issued to. I first saw them in the AF special ops community and when given one during a visit, I assumed it was simply a way of soaking me for drinks if I forgot it on subsequent visits. I was either told, or assumed that the tradition came to the AF special ops guys from the Army. The story is probably much broader than that. All I have given a above is my soda straw view of the coins.

One of the very early DOD acquisition reforms in the late 19980s I believe ('89 or so) included Congressional legislation that said there could be only one level of supervision between a major program manager and the Service Acquisition Executive (the senior person, usually a civilian, in charge of acquisition in the military service. That single level of supervision was called the PEO or Program Executive Officer, and he (or she) was typically a military General Officer with a small staff who directly supervised the major programs including “basket” program offices who had a large collection of smaller programs. This coin was a product of the Large Caliber Ammunition Program Office (which is, I think, at Edgewood Arsenal) and the commento on the back simply recognizes that this PM works for the PEO Ammunition.


Not sure where the large caliber office is, but the Program Executive Office Ammunition is at Building 171A, Picatinny Arsenal, in New Jersey.

Totally awesome information Pepper, Lew & John. I can not get over the variety of coins you have Pepper. Just incredible. I guess they make them for a lot of things. I did a quick Google search and it agrees with everything mentioned here, especially about buying the drinks. Thanks big time. It seems they are highly collectible and that their is even a “Challenge Coin” association. I will have to see if their are other ammunition related coins. My hair got blown back when I saw this one with my favorite tank ammunition. :-)

PS: I could not agree with you more Pepper about heros in uniform!!! So true!

I just bought this one on “Small Cannon Caliber Ammunition”. I am surprised how cheap they are ( I paid $11 for this one) and how well main they are. This one is larger then the tank coin and is pretty heavy.

Once you get past the initial set up costs, they are not to expensive. Regulations are in place that limit what size organization can have them. As always, you can circumvent the system or as we used to say “dig deep for democracy” and fund it yourself.

That makes a lot of sense! Thanks badsbsnf :-)