Tankfest 2010


This is only obliquely ammo related so I have to ask the indulgence of the moderators on this but there is quite a lot of ammo in the museum and examples of hits with AT rounds of different sorts. Also test plates of armour plate used in trials etc.

The British Tank museum in Bovington is holding its annual Tankfest on 26-27th June.
Its a living museum and a large number of the tanks are in running order including some of the oldest examples in the world. Including Little Willy the worlds oldest tank. Many are the only working examples still in existence. They run them out and put them through their paces once a year. Some of them get their guns fired.

It takes a lot of work and money to keep their collection running and all the money goes back into the museum.

Notice the youtube logo in the bottom right hand corner of the website. Try clicking on that for some good videos


One tank Bovington does Not have, thanks to the Obtuseness of the Nanny State…a German A7V (last one in the UK was cut up in the 1930s as it was “a public danger to Children”)…we colonials saved ours, and it resides in a Brisbane Museum for all to see. Captured by 26th Batt.AIF in 1918, it is the Last existing A7V in the world…not even the German Tank Museum has one (theirs is a 1990s-built replica, based on Mephisto). And we know exactly where our First Submarine is today…in the Sea of Marmora, off the Turkish coast ( scuttled, 1915 after action against Turkish Shipping in support of Gallipoli)–and found pretty well intact last year.)

One up for the Colonies!

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.