Taser pistols

I always thought taser pistols had a yellow or bright orange frame. Some I seen on the internet for sale looked just like a service pistol. Tom from Minnesota

Different countries have different perceptions of how non-lethal devices have to look like.
Let alone disguised devices.

in france i see two versions ,yellow frame and dark grey/black frame

See the news for the case of a young black man being shot and killed by a police officer who mistakenly drew her service pistol instead of her Laser in the heat of a traffic stop. Police routinely have Lasers in holsters on their duty belts.

Mel, lasers?

Oops! Tasers, of course. Thanks for the correction.

Laser ones it would be nice sometimes :grimacing:

Would make collecting the ammunition difficult. Probably expsnsive as well, as I can see it burning a hole in your pocket.

No worries, use of lasers with “permanent effect” against humans is forbidden.

Taser (proprietary product) currently offers LE handles (“frames”) in black or yellow, same for the last 10yrs or so. PERF has recommended yellow-in-color handles for many years in an effort to reduce the confusion referenced.

Other handheld less-lethal tools (JP, et al) have been offered in black, red, green, orange, and even oddball “fashion” schemes like animal print.

I personally am in favor of handheld harmful lasers, but what I want/approve is rarely any sort of guiding light.