Taser XRep 12 Ga Cartridge

I saw a program about this on TV last night which was very interesting. They were firing it from a Mossberg 12 Ga pump which had a rifled barrel. It was described as a flying capacitor with barbed prongs, and it has the impact effect of a beanbag along with a debilitating electrical shock that immobilizes the target for 20 seconds. I hadn’t seen it before


I will try to post photos of both unfired and fired (projos) of the two generations of rounds I have

Even without the electric shock, those barbed spikes scare the heck out of me!


FYI Taser has advised that the XREP may soon be phased out. Last time I checked the cartridges run approx. $135 each, and must be purchased in packs of 5 (LEO). Practice rounds are expensive but nearly as much as the live rounds. (I think they were advertised as about $90 per pack of 5; packs of 50 were what we used at the course). I volunteered to be hit with the XREP at an instructor’s recert a few years back but they refused.

With regards to the live projectile, the barbs on the front usually require ER removal (few live deployments compared to the handheld Taser and other LL weapons), and the ‘cholla’ rear needles are also long and thin enough to do the same. Amazing design that actually packages miniaturized Taser components in a 12ga cartridge. A proposed link to Taser’s wireless AXON camera (sounded totally “Buck Rogers” to me) would allow the firer to reactivate the deployed XREP projo remotely from over 50ft away; not sure if this was ever fielded.

Compared to other 12ga LL rounds (CTS SuperSock et al) the XREP does not deliver equivalent LL blunt impact, and is much more likely to cause cuts/wounds.

I have pics of an early yellow-fin version I’ll try to find. There is an identical pic of the cartridge and deployed projo (live and practice) at gtdist.com in their Less Lethal product section.

These work

First version I had: a factory invert and fired projo (prongs bent bay hitting hard target…? plywood)
Yellow “wings”

Current version; a factory inert and fired projo
Black “wings”

An inert training dummy (and fire case)

Do the XREP cartridges use a conventional primer and powder charge, or how does it work? I know the hand-held Tasers use compressed gas as a propellant, but I don’t know how that works either.

I looked up my original XREP post from 2009 (pics and closeups there, didn’t wanna waste bandwidth reposting), and the charge in the XREP is an unlisted amount of black powder. The primer appears to be conventional.

If anyone is seriously interested I’ll send a spent practice cartridge to you so the primer can be dissected.

Those spikes on the side of the round look longer then I would have guessed. Would suck to get hit in a bad spot with those. Also, are my eyes playing tricks on me, is there a set of spikes on the black wire portion also?These are really amazing.


Sorry Jason, it IS your eyes! ha.

The only spikes are the 4 barbs out front that make 1st contact, and the 6 longer/thinner needles or “chollas” (Taser term, from a SW US cactus needle) that deploy when the round ‘breaks’ into the two components connected by the wires.

The rear needles are designed to catch in clothing or skin, creating the ‘circuit’. A typical deployment, at least according to the design, is that a subject will grab at or touch the rear portion of the projo and create a ‘circuit’ from their hand back to the impact site.

Thanks so much for the great info. Time to go to the Eye Doctor :-) Regardless, this is one evil looking life savor!


British police field tested these a few years ago on at least one suspect, but I believe they were withdrawn for some reason.

It’s a pity none were issued when the London riots happened last August.