TB Ammunition GPM Quadra-shock 9mm

I thought I had posted about this in the forum, but I guess it was only in the Industry News column back in journal issue 517 of September, 2017 that I mentioned it. Just today I received a pack of the 9mm and .300 BLK of this TB Ammo (TomBob Outdoors). TomBob is the same company as Ballistic Products and TB Ammo is their new line of ammo which I suspect is manufactured by ICC for them. TomBob announced this ammo back in June of 2017, and it had been appearing in their Ballistic Products flyers last summer, but only seems to have hit the market a couple months ago as far as I can tell. The distribution so far is very weak, and it is hard to find. I found some at Ammomart: https://ammomart.com/9mm-luger-tb-ammunition-100gr-gpm-quadra-shock-50-rounds

The bullets are typical Sinterfire frangible projectiles, but they have a unique square hole-punch for a hollow point. This apparently facilitates a 4-piece segmenting of the projectile when it enters soft tissue, hence the “Quadra-shock” name. The headstamp looks like a newer ICC style I haven’t seen before. I weighed a few pulled projectiles and despite being listed as 100gr, they were all in the 98.5gr to 99.3gr range, so these are more accurately 99gr projectiles. In the Industry News column last year I had described the packaging as appearing to be the TacPac brand line of clamshell packaging, but it turns out to be a competing brand called “Click it Clam” which is very annoying when trying to open in my experience.


While on the topic of ICC 9mm headstamps, I notice that I have two almost identical, but definitely different ones. These are the “ICC 9mm” headstamp which date from around 2010 as far as I can remember acquiring them. You can see that in the CC the letters are slightly different with one being narrow as if it could be a racetrack-0, and the other is more of an O shaped C. There is also an “ICC 9x19mm” headstamp I can see on ICC’s website currently.


Thanks Matt!! Very interesting new item from ICC!


Thanks for the review. I do want to make a few corrections.
The Quadra shock is not “The bullets are typical Sinterfire frangible projectiles” they do have the same type of shape that I developed back in 2000 however they are not frangible and will not shatter on a plates. They also do not have high pressure like other lead free, the pressures and velocities are very close to lead at a comparable weight.
They do have the devastating performance more like the RIP load at a much lower price. It has been our goal to provide lead free ammo at better performance than lead and near the same price.
Thanks again, d the distribution is just starting to expand and hope all will enjoy the ammo.