Tear Gas Cartridge

Does anyone know the designation and manufacturer of this tear gas cartridge? I think is of Russian origin.


Never saw this variant but that color sure looks Russian. I need it🤔

To my old eye, the light blue color matches exactly the color tip on a Frankford Arsenal 1945 .30 antenna-erecting blank cartridge I’m looking at, which has a 5-petal rose crimp. I don’t know the size of this cartridge because I can’t figure out whether the scale shown is in centimeters or inches, but I assume centimeters/mm because otherwise that would be a huge tear gas round.

The thread should be 9mm. The blue is a typical Russian/Soviet color tone (way too many things are painted with this color tone in Russia).
Just to make it clear this one can be used with the flare pens whcih are using the small threaded 15mm flares.
There might be extra devices newly madce in gun shape but here I am not well informed.