Tear Gas Deactivation

I have a police source that will give me the empty cartridges and fired projectiles from their Tear Gas training. I have had fired projectiles in the pass and know there is almost always some residial Tear Gas left. What is the best way to deactivate the CS & CN agents so the fired projectiles can be handled.

Leave them outside in the fresh air and the chemicals will eventually disperse Ron. I’ve been exposed to CS several times and the only remedy has been to stand outside in the breeze for as long as it takes.

Jim–My experience is that it can take a LONG time for all the CS to disperse. I have had a couple of projectiles that had been laying on the training range for several months that still brought tears to my eyes. I have had good luck by soaking them overnight in a 5 gal pail of water with dishwasher soap added. That is fine for a few projectiles. But in my current case it may be a couple of hundred projectiles. I was hoping someone might know of quick chemical deactivation of the CS & CN.

Sodium metabisulfite neutralized CS.

But I haven’t got any problem with my teargas emptys, you must only remember that dont put your hands to your pants before wash hands well :)

Although I have never tried it, I have heard that while Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is preferred, even a baking soda solution will eventually neutralize CS. The Sodium Hydroxide, being a stronger, more reactive solution, will clean the paint, markings, etc. off of your rounds. In a previous life, we were explosed to training events and had to clean equipment, masks, etc. afterwards.