Tear gas & flare experts .what is this?

Found this and have no clue what it is…friend said m-7 ???

THANKS for any info !

Do you have any chamber dimensions, or know if the firing-pin is centrefire or rimfire? It looks pretty crude to be a military item, and my first impression would be that it’s some sort of “zip gun”.

It is a tear gas launcher and it’s cartridges…I have it and it’s
paper work…yes very “mechnical and odd looking”…but very legit

Pepper - if you have “paper work” why not tell us who made this thing?

John M.

thought an ol’ retired sage like you would not have to ask a young 53 y/o guy such a question

short answer ?

I am at work, collection is at home

long answer ?

I am at work…currently going 7 days per week, averaging 12+ hrs per day, (yesterday, in at 6a, left at post 8p)…I do this from late July thru the NFL playoffs(January) (if fortunate to keep winning) but will note I only worked three hours on Christmas and New Years Days, full day Thanksgiving.

I posted the reply in question at 8:40 am CT (reference above “at work”)…figuring I needed a break over a Diet Coke…(what better than to read the IAA Forum?)…I saw a thread question “up my ally”…and took a shot…please note…my photographic memory faded years ago along with Instamatic cameras…so until I get home and try to remember to check the “tear gas pen launcher drawer”…I wont’ have the paper work, thus the name of the company…but likely at that time, will have no time to scan it…but maybe photo of it ?

so which answer better paints the picture…for the question…

  • if you have “paper work” why not tell us who made this thing?

so…sorry…best I could do…but I will take that issue into consideration (posting a short answer) before posting in the future.

(fortunately I have a copy of Swearengen’s book here at work to help answer Han’s “long” tear gas questions)

Be Well



When and if you have time any more info would be very cool.

No scanner available just yet…and the camera…computer…photobucket process will have to wait for another day…but I will do so

What we have is a M-7 CS GUN, available from Kelley Arms Company, 600-16th St, Oakland, Calif (no zip code is the first tip of the vintage, second is the copyright of the flier as 1965)…it was offered as gun, case, one practice cartridge and two powerful chemical cartridges for $9.95…a letter (on letterhead w/ zip code 94612…but no date) would indicate inflation has set in, as now a


Very weird device…Took me a while to figure out how to fire it…it looks like a total plumbers nighmare but the design is really cool when you learn its use.

sorry gents

I tried my best to use MyImagingHosting.com to host/post some scanned in pdf’s (I scanned in and uploaded to their site), but the codes keep inserting nothing but a logo…so I quit for now

I am glad PhotoBucket works for jpg’s


Pepper, you can try this one:


It works fine for files up to 300mb. No registration required!