Tear Gas Munitions book

Just acquired this book. Chock full of interesting tidbits, sectioned examples, everything. Published in 1966. Must be a first edition. Maybe the only. Anybody know the rules/protocol for posting pics of this on the forum? Don’t wanna break no rules. Lots of small caliber stuff, .22CB, .32, .38 and assorted shotshell sizes. Also all the stuff Pepper displays, in their earliest forms. 500+ pages.


You have made a great find. Wish I had. I have been after that book for years, since I saw it in an FBI library. The only reservation I can think of about posting things from the book is its copyright. The webmaster would probably have to advise us on that. As far as the content goes, while tear gas munitions of most kinds are illegal in my state, California (of course - so what’s new?), in most states they are not and I can’t think of any problem relating to the content. Again, though, I guess the copyright question should be resolved. Maybe I am being a worrywart over that, too. Again, think the webmaster should decide.

Looks super interesting Rick! Hope its cool to post some pics!


A whole bunch of libraries have this book. The closest to me is West Point Academy. Here is a link, put in your zip code.
worldcat.org/wcpa/ow/fda669a21d0 … m-purchase

Up to 10% of a publication can be used without infringing on Copyright as long as it is not for profit under the “Fair Use” clause.

I have had this book since about 1970 and I agree, there is nothing better that I have seen on the subject.

Well, if I get put in jail for posting these, maybe some of you can start a fund to get me bailed out. Here are a few pages of the small caliber rounds and devices for firing them.


The first 3 pics lost their clarity when I rotated them. Will not do that in future postings.


Here’s a better shot of the smaller rounds.

I bought Tom’s ammo collection after his death. He wrote several excellent books and was a top authority on military and police light weapons. We have been trying to get this book reprinted for years. The current copyright holder will not reprint nor license the copyrights for reasons currently unknowable. I have a video tape or DVD available for my sale of a large part of his colection should anyone be interested.

I traded most of the LTL collection off some years ago.

This book is very rare. Damaged copies are for sale on line for $300 +.

It is without doubt the Rosette stone of the subject.

Tom was a great fellow and real expert in his field.

300 BUCKS!!! This one is in like new condition. Bids are now being accepted.

I have one - author’s copy - but the book is a must have for anyone interested in the subject.