Techcrim / Russian 8x57 IS


Techcrim / Russian 8x57 IS

One can only wonder if this ammunition is not made on German WWII machinery.

Bullet is 197.6 grains GMCS.

Case is berdan primed brass 163.8 grains.

40.0 grains powder is approximately 2mm x 2mm x 0.35mm


Joe, do you think this will be the new “wave of the future”? Putting the caliber on the side instead of the headstamp on the bottom?


Somewhere on
was discussed, if my memory does not change, then they agreed on the fact that this is just a change of packaging. According to Ruslan Chumak’s book “The History of the Liner 3”, the USSR received 1,500,000,000 cartridges of the caliber of 7.92Х57 as trophies


Tom, it is a CIP rule.


Techcrim is actually reworking old stocks (including war capture).
The lasered side marking is of course due to the CIP regulations (of course not saying it has to be lasered onto the side).
The fact that the case has no hs is not related to Techcrim but it was made like that in the 1930s.



I don’t think these are 1930’s German casings as the flash holes are punched with a hexagonal device and the excess flashing is smashed down on the inside.



Joe, I am no expert enough in 7.9 mm.
But we know that Techcrim is not drawing any cases.

I am sure our 7.9 mm experts can tell us more.

Sure no German 7.9 mm machinery is running in Russia today using German tooling (let alone German WW2 green PA).
I know they have some German machines (war capture) at Barnaul but they are using it only for small scale prototype production.


1930’s Spanish Civil war 7.9 German.

Brass case 162.8 grains.


Bullet 197.2 grains.

Powder 1.5mm x 1.5mm x 0.35mm, weight 43.7 grains.


The base, cannelure and boatail on bullet looks exactly the same. Weight and size of components is relatively the same. Inside of casing has the same inside neck pickling color and bottom is same construction except he German flasholes are drilled.
If it was not made on the same machinery, they it is a remarkable facsimile.



Looks like these are unfired and reworked German ctgs. The primer crimps were machined out, meaning that the original primer was punched out creating the “hex” holes and the flattened down flash-holes. The powder is typically German as well as the SS projos.



First of all, WELCOME!

Second, I just noticed that before you replied.

Very interesting to say the least.

Reworking 80+ year old ammunition.

How do they line up the flash holes to the decapper? Most berdan commercial decaping is done hydraulically.



Thank you Joe!
I bet it’s done very slowly and not in high production quantities. I guess the powder checked out ok with allowable deterioration.


The powder smells good. Not acidic in the lest.
I wonder if the new primers are NC or not.



Very interesting. I’ll have to locate a box and inspect them. -Ger





Not long ago we had a short discussion about machinery that could, if I understood the principle right, grip the Berdan primer from the outside base of the cartridge with rotating claws and use a turning motion to lift them from the primer pocket.
Only rarely a primer fired during this process.
Looking at the original case head photo (no headstamp) by xjda68 with the obvious chamfer around the primer (removing the effect of the three visible stabs), this explanation sounds plausible.
I share the view that removing the primers through the flash holes poses a practically insurmountable alignment problem in an industrial process. Reloaders have “hydraulic” tools for Berdan primers, which seems more applicable to an industrial process.


Thanks for the info, Joe. -Ger


I have this round in stock. You are welcome to send me an email at and I will send you a 5 pack sample box. Yes the round has a non-corrosive Berdan primer. It’s a nice, clean round that is getting wonderful reviews. Ventura Munition also has it in stock.


Thanks Gretchen, I appreciate it; however, I managed to order one online about a month or so ago. Thanks again for the offer but I’m all set. -Ger


Found one of these on the range this weekend:

Thought it was pretty interesting looking so I started searching & sure enough the answer is here!


Tekhkrim is also offering steel cased blanks (German WW2, projs. pulled and with star crimp).