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I have been trying to complete my list of TAGs published by Peter Labbett some years back. I have not found the topics for Series 1, Pamphlet 1 or Series 2, Pamphlet 2. Does anyone have these and would provide the topics?
Thanks in advance
Labbett & Mead TAG Series IAA Jan 21.pdf (224.0 KB)

I do not have Series 1 Pamphlet 1, but Series 1 is about British manufactured commercial ammunition.
Series 2 Pamphlet 2 is titled British 7.92 mm Ammunition.

Series 1 Pamphlet 1 is titled British Madsen Ammunition (11.35mm, 20mm, 23mm)
Series 2 Pamphlet 2 is titled British 7.92 MM Ammunition

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Old school tag

I guess your “old school” comment is about stating the title of the publication?

nah, just replying in the thread so it would subscribe me to it. Called the old school method before actually tagging buttons were added to most forums.

I have all but TAG 1-1 scanned here. I have the estate’s permission to upload them to the repo but didn’t get a response back from the admins.


Jestertoo; I have a mint copy of TAG 1-1, British Madsen Ammunition (11.35mm; 20mm; 23mm) and will be happy to scan it for your project, given the estate’s permission.

Now I understand, thanks.

delving a bit further into understanding what your talking about "upload them to the repo? What is the “repo” repository? What repository? Never mind I clicked the link & it’s on G oo gl e.

the IAA members only repository. I couldn’t figure out how to bulk upload the files and never got a response to the admin.

NOW I don’t feel like a dummy, I’ve had the same problem having tried, failed & given up. But hopefully we can find a resolution as I hope it will be covered in the next board meeting if not sooner.

I could upload (not bulk) but only to my ‘center’ but couldn’t figure out how to make it visible to others.

I’ve uploaded a number of items but they are all waiting for approval.

@jestertoo Click on the blue bell at the bottom of the time line and you can set your notification level to Watching.