Technical Information Reports

I was looking for some ammo issue in the web and in a forum stumbled over 2 pages of a doc designated
Technical Information Report TIR 6-9-4A1.
Is anybody aware if digital versions of these “TIR” reports are available somewhere?

Here the pages:



From the rubber stamp and remark in the top left corner of the titlepage it follows that this report is held at the U.S. National Archives. You can try to struggle through the website and search for the report or others of this series. There is a (very) small chance that it is available online from there.

Jochem, I tried there with the TIR-number but to no avail…

There are myriad ways to write report numbers. My suggestion would be to use infrequent words from the title, like hypervelocity in this case.

You are most likely right.

I tried this and got 10 hits - all unrelated. And I expected to have about 10,000 as the word is quite popular.
And I also tried several other words and combinations…
BUT: besides not finding what I am looking for in such situs I often found great other things I did not even know they existed and they were not less interesting!

I still think that it will take somebody who wether has these reports already or exactly knows where they are…

So I’ve been looking around a little. I found one PDF done by the Navy that mentions TIR’s, and how they went from Chief of Ordnance to Army Material Command. If you look at the appendix at the end of the book you’ll see several references to TIRs. I would say NARA and DTIC are your best chances, but JPeelen is right…NARA probably won’t have them online.

TC, I tried both and also other sources. So far no results.