Techno Arms / Swartklip 12ga box


I finally got a hold of an original South African Techno-Arms 12ga shotshell box which had a few of the short 2.25" shells in it. It was Swartklip loads with blue hulls, and there was a roll crimp closure over a paper disc with number 5’s printed on it. I think the box was an original Swartklip box which just had the basic shell data printed on it, and the label is a sticker over-label from Techno Arms. Here are some pics:







DK - Wouldn’t it be good to picture a cartridge also, since you mention a few were with the box? Maybe its not needed. I am not into Shotgun shells at all, and perhaps that is why I think the round should be pictured. Maybe its old hat to those that do collect them. Sorry if that is the case.

Nice box - thanks for posting it. I love boxes, of any type of ammo, that picture the guns the ammo are for, or pictures of the factory, and stuff like that on the box labels.

John Moss


Nice, I assume it’s uncommon. How come it has the name of the city but not the name of the country?


I think perhaps only the city is shown because they either didn’t have an export license for their products, simply didn’t care to export them (production capabilities met by domestic sales) or had different packaging for export. Now that I read what I just wrote, although it is correct I admit it is kind of a “Duhhh” answer, as there probably couldn’t be any other reason for that. Write my answer off to a lack of sleep last night.

John Moss


Here are photos of the shell. It shows being 2.0" next to the measure, but it is definitely about 1/8" longer than other so-called 2.00" shells like the Cenutrion version.