Techrim 8X57 Mauser info?

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I recently bought some Techrim/Fedarm brass 8x57. From what I understand its German surplus 197g Projectile loaded with or Nz.Gew.Bl.P 2-2-0-45? maybe they’re the same thing?. I was measuring the powder loads in these rounds which seemed to be off 2-4 grains. I was wondering what the typical load should be for these and what is considered the upper limit? It seems most people use IMR4064 for a commercial powder and 44 is considered a upper limit? I’m worried about overpressure. Maybe it’s a non issue.

Load measurements from three rounds:

  1. 40.7


Welcome , however reloading is a prohibited topic on this forum.

This isn’t about reloading… Its about what the typical German military powder load calls for. Its more about safety and testing factory ammo consistency before I fire it in my rifle.

All I did was just pulled the components apart to measure the load.

The problem is, as far I know, that the German powder is not made any more after 1945.

There are a few box labels known from 7,9 German Mauser cartridges where the powder load is printed on the label.

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whatever (2-2 0,45) = powder dimensions (2mm x 2mm x 0.45mm) translates into grains. It’s metric, not sure how to calculate it. :tipping_hand_man:

Metric dimensions of German Flake Powder ( Nitrozellulosen Blattchen Pulver) identify the standard
Powder used in Rifle and MG on land and sea; Luftwaffe loads usually used tubular Powder
( Rohren Pulver).
The Loads were calibrated according to Powder Lot, to give standard Velocity and Pressure.
There is no connection mathematically between Flake Dimensions and Charge, as each production lot may vary slightly in burning rate.
In any case, loading charges have a +/- tolerance by machine used in metering the powder.

Bulk powders are a rule unto themselves.
Doc AV

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If it helps any, a good friend who worked for FN [one of my ‘Enablers’ who have given me a large batch of printed material] gave me a can of powder with a hand written note that says “8x57 Mauser, 198 grain bullet, 44 grains May vary depending on powder lot”. He did not, however, have a notation of what lot the powder came from. I do not plan on loading it, since I use a different IMR powder than the one mentioned in my 8mm loads.

Spandau powder 436 is an earlier type, when the Germans were still experimenting to improve the manufacturing process.
The nominal flake dimensions 2 by 2 by 0.45 millimeters refers to a manufacturing stage when the propellant comes from the cutting machine. If you measure, you will find the powder flakes in cartridges a little smaller, due to drying.
Powder stability deteriorated significantly during WW2. Remaining acid makes steel cases rust from the inside.
Nominal muzzle velocity of the 12.8 g sS bullet from a 600 mm barrel was 755 m/s or about 2480 ft/s.

Has the primer been replaced in these Techrim sourced cartridges?

JPeelen took it at the point.
The powder 436 was also used to reload the M88 cartridge to a cartridge with an “S” bullet.
I think it is a pre-WW1 powder.

The remaining acid in the cases was also able to destroy brass cases.



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