Tell me if I'm out of line. Round two

4 or 5 days back I posted about a large amount of cartridges that have come my way. When posting I saw whith in a few hours the real intent of a question was not understood. I let the question ride because of the very helpful advise that was generated. It is my fault for not being as clear as perhaps I could have been. I didn’t intend to seek a what’s it worth question on the whole wad. The question was for me as a green horn, would I be wearing out my welcome by asking what is this worth too many times on cartridges as they come to my attention. The main reason for this kind of question is so I don’t trade down plus as stated I’m new with very few books and about as far from a show with prices as one can get.
Thanks, Tom

No worries, Tom. Feel free to e-mail or post any time on individual rounds or groups.

Tom–Are you an IAA member? If not, you should be, not only for the good friends, etc, but for your particular need to have some guide to prices. Each issue of the IAA Journal contains a section on Cartridge Collector Cartridge Values, reprinted from the Gun Report magazine. A different group of cartridges are covered each issue. 1 issue might have Metric Pistol., the next English Cartridges, the next, Patent and early types, then Rimfires, etc. While this listing can’t be 100% accurate because there are a lot of factors that determine final value, it will give you at least a ballpark idea of the value. It will let you know if your in the $1.00, $50.00 or $200 range for a case type. But, as I said things like the partriclar headstamp can make a BIG difference. For instance a .600 Nitro with a KYNOCH .600 NITRO headamp might be worth $40.00, but the same cartridge with a JEFFERY .600 NITRO headstamp would bring more like $200.00. But, often these exceptions are listed in the Value Listing, but not always.

Good pointers all along, thank you Ron. I would call myself a pending member with dues payed.

Tom–Good to read that you have joined. You won’t be disappointed. Now, if you have not done so, order the CD’s or DVD of the back issues. Go to the Announcements and Stickies Forum for ordering instructions. It will be the best $50.00 you will ever spend on Cartridge Collecting, aside from joining the IAA.