Tell me if I'm out of line!


A few years back I came across about 150 lbs. of ammo in mumbo jumbo boxes. The cartridges are running a wide range from shotshells to 22 Stevens to tit fire to 5.2 mondragon to proofs to tround. I’m very green at all of this and my interest is more along the line of reloading and paper punching. To get back to the title statement. If I were to ask and ask often, what’s it worth? Would this get to be old hat real fast or should I just keep pecking away at the web and find a few prices here and there? Feel free to tell to sit on an egg, your just bogging the system. Thanks


Tom–People are reluctent to offer a value because there are so many variables such as what headstamp, condition of the case and bullet, which loading, even what primer.

You should start out by making a list of what you have. Something like this:

.348 Win. SUPER SPEED .348 WIN FN Silver Tip. Rounded Copper Primer.

You will be best off trying to sell it as a group rather than a piece at a time, except for perhaps some of the better items, such as the tit fires and the 5.2 Mondragon that you mentioned. If you make a list and send it to me I will be glad to point out the better items. For what it is worth, I have been collecting for almost 50 years. If you want me to look over the list contact me by clicking on my email below.


In addition to lists, a few pics of some spread out box lots might be helpful. Offer an email list and you might get a few offers for big chunks or all.


Thank guys,
I’m between a rock and a hard spot. I have zero books, reference for id. or price. To start a list would take hours for a life long collector, and for me, just starting to crawl, months. I never thought of my self as a collector but it may end up I’m an old pro buy the time it takes to get to the bottom of this.
I’ll try to learn photobucket to give some an idea of condition also I’ll give a try at a list. Wow, right when I thought I had a little spare time. Take care.


Tom–If making a complete list as I suggented seems too much of a task, just make a list of the headstamps. 90% of them will probably be identifiable from that alone. Be sure to list the headstamp exactly as it it is with periods, etc. as they appear and wording and numbers just as they are.

If even that is too big of a job, start by sorting them into groups: Metric Rifle, Inch Rifle, Metric Pistol, Inch Pistol, Rimfire (This will take the most detailed listing), etc. Then either post the smaller lists or I will renew my offer to work with you on this project. Send me the lists by email. I am retired and have lots of time to work on it.


You may take my approach. I enjoy buying in bulk. I see it as an archeological dig, you get a giant box, neither you nor the previous owner know what’s inside, I find it by itself very exciting. Then I pour the box onto a table, get my 5x magnification eye piece and start going through. Whatever catchs my eye and tickles my fancy I investigate further. A great and very useful web site is MUNICION.ORG, it is in Spanish, but you can figure it out even without being fluent in Spanish. All you need is a calibre (bullet diametre) to choose a category on the left, then you will see photos on your right and you will ID your cartridge. I just wish IAA had a photo gallery, can you imagine, guys, if all of us sent all our headstamp images to one location, it would be awesome.


Vlad–If you use Altravista Babelfish it will translate the Spanish website into English. It does not do a perfect job on technical terms. For instance, it calls primers starters, but it is good enough so you can figure out what was meant. Go to:

As for the headstamp pictures listing, it has been discussed in relation to upgrading the presant Headstamp Guide on the home page. We have the capeability to link images to a headstamp entry, but we do not have the server space to host the resulting file. Images just take up too much space. I agree that if we could it would be FAR better than just a list. For instance, for the letter “A” just by itself, there are at least 15-20 possible entries. Especially a newcomer has no idea which one is which. But, most of them have a distinctive style that is evident in an image.


Tom, for all its myriad shortcomings, invest $20 or so in [b]Cartridges of the World[/b]. Cartridge types not found in it will tend to be reasonably obscure. This will enable you to identify most of the material you have, fairly quickly and painlessly. It won’t help with rarities within the cartridge types (e.g., that “only specimen known” headstamp in an otherwise common .38 Special), but as a concise, inexpensive overview, it is unique.

Generalities: big British rifle cartridges, rimfire rounds > .38 caliber, black powder era rounds with paper patches are all going to be worth something, even (but only possibly!) a very large amount. Really odd (such as gyrojets) and / or old - a.k.a. “paper, transitional and patent ignition” items are a virtual certainty to be worth a closer look. Before anyone takes issue with this list, it is meant only as a preliminary filter and obviously overlooks more modern and smaller items which may often be of considerable value; this is just a generalized guide for the novice.

Once you have a list - and photos of the material you cannot ID - it will be possible to assist you better. Values are a real crap shoot. This is a very thin and quirky market; condition and cachet count for a good deal while there is a galaxy of difference between selling to a person seeking a single round for a collection and to a dealer taking twenty pounds or ten boxes of material with the intent to re-sell.

Appraising large quantities of ammunition is not really one of the functions for which the site is designed. For that, you need to rely on your own resources or make arrangements privately, possibly as part of the process of selling the lot in bulk (?). Don’t mean to be negative on that, but the intent of the site is weighted toward distribution of technical information, of which identification is a big part.



Iconoclast, I have read in past posts about a possible buy sell and trade area on this site, this is something to look forward to.
In your reply you let me know of the main intent of this message board. I read nothing negative, only directions I have been asking, Thank you.
I joined up as a member this morning and am looking forward to the bimonthly. The fees to members is modest and well spread, from what I have seen in this short week. Tom


Remember tom I am only 80 miles away and would enjoy talking and looking and trading cartridges. We can lament together how ridiculous it is to get cartridges to SE alaska. Vic


Thanks Vic, Your on my mind. You of all know what it’s like to get goods to our island towns let alone cartridges in or out. No groundservice, hase-mat fees, barges and more fees, ship to Seattle and ups won’t pick up, the barge company won’t call ups for you. You know what Vic, I’d have it no other way.


Tom (and others) . . . the BST is one of several addenda which will be addressed as we have the resources to deal with it. There are about 10 items on the agenda and a BST forum is somewhere in the middle of the pack. Folks who know enough IT to evaluate and tweak phpBB code and mods plus the time to do so, money and, somewhere down the road, server capacity are all factors. All of it is on various burners somewhere on the stove.

As regards “negative,” it was the day of the month for me to wear the diplomat hat.

You and Vic need to have an Alaskan Cartridge Collectors Club . . . have show in Anchorage and offer fishing / hunting excursions for a few days before or after . . . !