TEN-X 12ga reusable wax shells

I recently picked these up and thought they were a little unusual. They are reusable plastic 12ga shells which take a #209 primer, and a .45cal wax slug (no powder). The hole on the discharge end of the shell is rebated to .45cal to mount the wax in. The headsamp is hard to read, but it says: “TEN - X 12 GA WAX”.

What I would call a Specialty all-plastic. Interesting and thanks for posting it Matt. If you ever come across more, keep me in mind.

I just got them from Ten-X this week, they sell them currently for $15.00 a box (lower left):
But I will have a few loose shells with me at SLICS also.

Thanks Matt! I won’t be at SLICS so I’ll order a box from them.