Terminology Question

I recently purchased a 90mm MECAR style case made in Canada by CANADIAN ARSENAL QUEBEC. It has some stenciling on the side I have never seen before. Does anyone know what they mean by “UNDRILLED CASE”?


I have heard the term “undrilled case” used for cartridge casings that are tested for pressure, by SAAMI and such, and supposedly it means there is no primer hole in the base of the case. SAAMI uses a crusher on cases like this to test maximum blow-out pressures to test case rupture. But your case is a large military piece, and it probably does have a primer hole? Maybe it was labeled as such, and then refurbished and made to look normal by having a primer inserted into a drilled hole?

In my line of work I can receive cases that are predrilled for the purpose of uploading/downloading propellant, installing chamber pressure gages or providing a case port to obtain chamber pressure via piezelectric gages. This may not be the case here.

Here is a picture of the headstamp. I unscrewed the primer which is in the picture separately.